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Claims of Citizen Hacking by Australian Government Agencies
Claims are being made by some Australian citizens that government agencies are hacking and closely monitoring citizens who may disagree with current Government policies. Learn more.

Are established Australian media organisations Hacking Citizens?
Suspicions have been raised that some established Australian media organisations could possibly be hacking new Internet based media startup organisations. Learn more.

New Technology push for Australia
Artificial Intelligence  is changing the world, and plans are being put in place to maximise the benefits to Australians. Learn more.

Why isn't Western Australia doing this?

How are Australians without internet coping?
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Secession, what do you think?

How four companies infiltrated governments and took home $10 billion

Albo wants to give the sub contacts to China

Australians are being forced to sell the arm. Who will buy this beautiful land, China, or the US?

The Australian Dustbowl